ZC STONE是一家自2003年以来在中国经营的天然石材行业公司,涵盖从砌块进口到板材出口、按尺寸切割、加工和创建任何尺寸项目的成品,包括工程支持、铺设和安装。


自成立以来,ZC STONE已被证明是行业中质量最好的石材供应商:其在世界各地拥有丰富的采石场资源,与经验丰富、可靠的采石场建立了密切的关系,以及其最先进的制造单位,为客户提供精确尺寸的优质材料,并及时用于任何规模的项目。


ZC STONE is a Chinese operated company since 2003 in the natural stone industry, covering from the import of blocks to the export of slabs, cut to size, process and creation of finished works for any size project including engineering support, laying and installation. 

Since its establishment, ZC STONE has proved to be the best quality stone supplier in the industry: its extensive resources of stone quarries throughout   the world, its close relationship with experienced and reliable quarries   as well as its state of the art manufacturing units that provide its   clients with excellent material cut to precise dimensions and in a timely manner for any size of projects.